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Date Palm

RANA has so far mass produced a number of date palm varieties including: Barhee, Medjool, Khalas, Deiry, Thory, Ashrasi, Khoneizi, Zahedi, Kabkab, Mazafati, Rabbi, Rang-e-No, Estameran, Pimazo, and Pyarom among others. RANA’s advanced protocol development methods allow it to produce virtually any date palm variety. If the variety in question is not present in RANA’s production line then RANA is able to engage in custom production contracts to produce specific varieties exclusively for its customers.



RANA utilizes the Direct Somatic Embryogenesis (DSE) tissue culture technology for the micropropagation of its date palms. DSE has been scientifically proven to produce uniform plants with minimum levels of somaclonal variation as compared to other micropropagation methods.
The advantages offered by the technology over conventional methods of date palm propagation include:
- Rapid introduction of new varieties
- Production of disease free stock
- All year round production
- Improved uniformity of plant material
- Long term storage of valuable germplasm
- Excellent establishment rates in the field
- Superb fruiting after only three to five years under good field management conditions
- Improved yields
- Easy and efficient international transfer of plants in terms of volume, weight and health status.

RANA continues to update and refine its protocols based on current, state of the art developments in date palm tissue culture and biotechnology in order to ensure the production of a true-to-type product.





RANA’s tissue cultured date palms are sold in various sizes starting from 25 cm to 70+ cm depending on availability. RANA can provide its local clients with torpedo plants or repotted plants. The delivery can be to any part of the country by means of air conditioned containers or trucks.

RANA's exceptional geographical location offers lower costs of freighting to neighboring countries. The plants can be delivered in torpedo pots containing high quality Irish peat moss and perlite substrate. RANA has successfully exported its date palm plants to GCC countries and beyond including Kuwait, Lebanon, the UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Iraq, Sudan and India.

For further information regarding specific varieties, their availability and our representatives throughout Iran and internationally please contact us directly.





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After-Care Service:

Date Palm Management Consultancy Services:
For the less experienced date palm managers, RANA is willing and able to arrange for tailor made consultancy services in planting, general management, maintenance, pollinating and harvesting of date palms through specialists working directly with RANA. For more information, please contact RANA directly with your requirements.

After-Care Downloads
- Date palm after-care manual PDF