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RANA is currently working to include indigenous Persian varieties in its line of production. The selected varieties have all been approved by the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad’s Plant and Seed Research Institute, which have undergone extensive trials throughout the walnut growing regions of Iran. RANA is currently producing “Chandler”, “Serr” and “Pedro”, with other walnut varieties in the pipeline.


Under license from TIELVE ALTERNATIVAS (Spain), RANA is currently utilising TIELVE’s organogenesis technique to mass-produce elite self-rooting walnut varieties for the first time in Iran. This makes RANA one of a handful of companies in the world with the ability to successfully mass propagate self-rooting Juglans regia (Persian walnut) through tissue culture technology. The advantages offered by this technology over conventional methods of walnut production include:

- Plants are free from bacterial, fungal and viral (particularly CLRV) contamination
- Mass production of elite varieties possible
- Excellent field establishment, performance and fruiting
- Excellent uniformity
- No grafting required

There have been no known reports of self-rooted tissue cultured walnuts exhibiting any form of unwanted somaclonal variation, which have been produced via RANA’s state of the art organogenesis protocol.








For further information regarding specific varieties and their availability please contact us.


RANA’s tissue cultured self-rooted walnut plants are sold in 2.5L pots containing high quality German peat moss and perlite substrate. All of RANA’s tissue cultured walnut plants have been winter hardened and can be transferred to the soil directly without the need to graft. The extensive lateral rooting system of RANA’s walnut plants provides the customer with excellent field establishment rates as well as eliminating the need to graft on to a rootstock.

Customer References and Success Stories:
Korzan Research Orchard, Tooyserkan, Hamedan




Walnut Management Consultancy Services:

For the less experienced walnut managers, RANA is willing and able to arrange for tailor made consultancy services in planting, general management, maintenance, pollinating and harvesting of walnuts through specialists working directly with RANA. For more information, please contact RANA directly with your requirements.

After-Care Downloads

-Walnut After-Care Manual (FULL VERSION) PDF