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About Us

Welcome to the RANA Agro-Industry Corporation official website! Established in 1993, RANA is Iran’s first and largest family owned plant biotechnology company with over twenty years of experience in the mass propagation of various fruit bearing and none fruit bearing plants using tissue culture technology.
RANA first began its activities through the establishment of a Joint Venture Company with the former International Plant Laboratories (IPL) of the United Kingdom, which facilitated the transfer of date palm tissue culture technology through IPL’s subsidiary company, Date Palm Developments Ltd. In 1996, the transferred date palm tissue culture technology was certified by IPL. RANA subsequently acquired 100% ownership of the technology and has been producing high quality tissue cultured date palms and other plant varieties for over 15 years. With a capacity to produce up to 450,000 tissue cultured date palms (or six million other plant varieties) annually, RANA is considered as one of the largest tissue culture facilities of its kind in the World.

In 2009, RANA successfully transferred self-rooting walnut tissue culture technology to Iran through the establishment of a licensing agreement with TIELVE Alternativas S.L of Spain and has been applying the technology to mass-produce high quality foreign and indigenous walnut varieties.